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GMARS All Sky Cam Movie

Time Lapse Clip

The GMARS All Sky Cam saves an image every 5 minutes then combines them into a time lapse video covering about 60 hours (2 ½ days). The movie is Flash-based so it won't appear or play on Apple mobile devices. Sorry. Visit using a desktop computer to view it (Chrome requires you to give it permission to play Flash files).

GMARS Current Weather Conditions

82.5 °F
Outdoor Temp

Humidity: 33%
Dew Point: 50.5 °F
Pressure: 29.795 in
Indoor Temp: 98.7 °F
2.7 mph
Wind Speed

Wind gust: 5.0 mph
Wind direction: 305° NW
Rain (month): 1.03 in
Rain (year): 2.28 in

Moonset: 23:35
Sunrise: 05:46
Sunset: 19:58

Last updated at 04:30 on 17 July 2018. Updated every 15 minutes.