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Next monthly meeting of the Riverside Astronomical Society

RAS Monthly Meeting & Board Meeting

Saturday, October 15th

  • RAS Board Meeting: 3:00PM-5:00PM at Don José Restaurant
  • Pre-Meeting Dinner: 5:00PM at Don José Restaurant
  • Beginner's Corner: 6:30PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University
  • Monthly Meeting: 7:00PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University

Nightfall 2016!

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Attend a Riverside Astronomical Society star party at the Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station (GMARS) in southern California's Inland Empire
Join the best astronomy club in southern California—the Riverside Astronomical Society!

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Calendar of events for the Riverside Astronomical Society
Next star party of the Riverside Astronomical Society–The best astronomy club in southern California!

Next Star Party

September 30th & October 1st

Head out to GMARS for our first autumn star party of the year! Autumn in Landers also means it's time for the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival at Gubler Orchids, which is just 1.5 miles from GMARS! Check out the beautiful flowers by day (Saturday and Sunday) and the beautiful skies by night!

GMARS star parties start on Friday afternoon/evening and go through Sunday morning. Be sure to join us Saturday evening for our Star-B-Q! Get more info by clicking the link below.

Remembering Ken Little

Beloved RAS member Ken Little passed away on August 26th.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his friends and family. May your skies be forever clear and steady, Ken!

RAS Calendar of Events

Ask the Outreach Director to add an event to the calendar. View larger calendar.

The scene at a GMARS Star Party. Join the Riverside Astronomical Society in Landers at our next star party! Photo by Michael Bauer.