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Next monthly meeting of the Riverside Astronomical Society

RAS Meeting

Saturday, September 22nd

GMARS monthly meetings are your opportunity to attend free presentatons by professional astronomers, catch up on club business, and hear about the latest happenings in the night sky (sometimes the daytime sky too!). Our general meetings are always free and open to the public.

  • 5:00PM – Pre-Meeting Dinner at Red Lobster Restaurant
  • 6:30PM – Beginner's Corner at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University
  • 7:00PM – Monthly Meeting at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University

Nightfall 2018

Nightfall Star Party 2018
November 1-4

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Special Event
Join Warren Keller and Ron Brecher at Astro-Hutech in Lake Forest for 3 days of instruction on PixInsight

PixInsight Workshop
Warren Keller & Ron Brecher
September 28-30
Astro-Hutech in Lake Forest


Attend a Riverside Astronomical Society star party at the Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station (GMARS) in southern California's Inland Empire
Calendar of events for the Riverside Astronomical Society
Next star party of the Riverside Astronomical Society–The best astronomy club in southern California!

Special Star Party!

October 5th & 6th

We'll be having a very special star party on Saturday, October 6th! Free workshops all afternoon with reps from OPT, Fujifilm, Camera West and travel/adventure photographer Travis Burke! It's all happening at GMARS starting at 12:30PM! Join us in our air-conditioned conference room for this great opportunity to learn about astrophotography and the latest equipment out there (you can even borrow some of it!).

Reminder... Nightfall is just a few weeks away. Make your reservation now!

A river of rain water flows through GMARS West on July 11, 2018.

Monsoonal rain on 7/11 put the "river" in Riverside Astronomical Society! GMARS received over 1" of rain that afternoon and the temperature dropped from 95° to 68° over the course of 2 hours! Click the image for a 1920x1080 version.

RAS Calendar of Events

Ask the Outreach Director to add an event to the calendar. View larger calendar.

The scene at a GMARS Star Party. Join the Riverside Astronomical Society in Landers at our next star party! Photo by Michael Bauer.