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Next monthly meeting of the Riverside Astronomical Society

RAS Monthly Meeting

Saturday, March 7th

  • Pre-Meeting Dinner: 5:00PM at Carrow's Restaurant
  • Beginner's Corner: 6:30PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University
  • Monthly Meeting: 7:00PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University

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Attend a Riverside Astronomical Society star party at the Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station (GMARS) in southern California's Inland Empire
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Next star party of the Riverside Astronomical Society–The best astronomy club in southern California!

GMARS Star Party

March 20th & 21st

Our next monthly star party will be at GMARS — And we'll have our annual Messier Marathon! Stay up all night and try to observe or image all of the objects in Messier's catalog. Not a member? Join us anyway — Everyone is welcome at every GMARS star party!

Enjoy this video from Daniel Perry taken January 15-17. It features the Alabama Hills and the GMARS Star Party!

RAS Calendar of Events

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In Landers, California, a row of observatories stand watch over GMARS on a moon-filled night.