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Next monthly meeting of the Riverside Astronomical Society

RAS Monthly Meeting & Board Meeting

Saturday, September 26th

  • Pre-Meeting Dinner: 5:00PM at Don José Restaurant
  • Beginner's Corner: 6:30PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University
  • Monthly Meeting: 7:00PM at Cossentine Hall at La Sierra University

GMARS Night Sky Photography Workshop with Dennis Mammana 2015

Nightfall 2015 - Space is running out!

Nightfall website

Attend a Riverside Astronomical Society star party at the Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station (GMARS) in southern California's Inland Empire
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Next star party of the Riverside Astronomical Society–The best astronomy club in southern California!

GMARS Star Party

September 11th & 12th

Enjoy the final glimpses of the summer night sky at our next monthly star party. Evening temps should still be comfortable — great for observing in your t-shirt and shorts!

Not a member? Join us anyway. Everyone is welcome at every GMARS star party. Look through the club's 22" telescope to view galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and planets! Make it a camping adventure — Bring the kids and/or some friends!

The New Horizons spacecraft close apprach of Pluto is coming up!

Ronald Van Vleet's image of NGC6960 was taken on 7/16 and consists of twelve 600-second subexposures using a Trius SX25C camera and an SV102 refractor on the iOptron CEM60-EC mount.

Click the image for a larger version.

RAS Calendar of Events

Ask the Outreach Director to add an event to the calendar. View larger calendar.

The scene at a GMARS Star Party. Join the Riverside Astronomical Society in Landers at our next star party! Photo by Michael Bauer.