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Membership in the Riverside Astronomical Society

Why Join Us?

For over half a century, the Riverside Astronomical Society has been bringing the joy of astronomy to southern California. It's our motto, our tagline, our mantra, and we work hard to live up to it. Become a member today to help us spread the word about the importance of astronomy, science, education, fighting light pollution, and being active in your community. Attend star parties, get into astrophotography, learn the sky, and make new friends!

The RAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The RAS's Prime Focus Newsletter

Benefits of Membership

  • First and foremost, you can help one of the best-known astronomy clubs in California spread the joy of astronomy throughout the community!

  • Members in good standing may apply for a facilities use agreement (observatory or concrete pad) at GMARS, our dark sky site.

  • Receive our extraordinary digital monthly newsletter, Prime Focus. It's packed with member-contributed articles, updates on outreach events, club history, a monthly star chart, a member astrophoto gallery, and much more! It's free with membership. Download a sample of our monthly newsletter here!

  • RAS membership includes membership to the Astronomical League at a huge discount ($7.50/year vs. $40/year)!

Membership Rates

Rates for New Members1
Student: $27.50 ($27.50 when renewing)2
Individual: $27.50 ($47.50 when renewing)
Family: $32.50 ($57.50 when renewing)
Patron Membership
Bronze: $100
Silver: $200
Gold: $300

RAS membership rates include membership to the Astronomical League at $7.50/year. Astronomical League membership benefits include: Subscription to the award-winning Reflector quarterly newsletter, discounts on astronomy books (10% and no shipping charges) and magazines (Sky & Telescope, Astronomy), discounts on equipment from participating vendors, national and regional conventions, outreach resources, and the ability to participate in any of the Astronomical League's 80+ observing programs. You may opt out of AL membership. If you choose to opt out, your RAS membership dues will be decreased by $7.50/year, your info will not be submitted to the Astronomical League, and you will not receive the benefits of AL membership.

If you have any questions about joining the club, contact our Membership Director at
membership @ rivastro.org.

1 This page is intended for new RAS members only. If you are renewing membership, please use this page. A New Member is one who has not been a dues-paying member of the Riverside Astronomical Society during the previous two membership cycles. The RAS membership renewal cycle begins in June of each year. New members who join the RAS in March, April, May or June of a given year will have their membership extended through June of the next calendar year. For example, if you join the RAS in March 2050, your paid membership fee covers you through June 2051. If you decide to continue your membership, regular renewal rates will apply as of the following July.

2 We classify a full-time student as one who is enrolled in 20+ hours per week at an online, city/junior, state, or private university/college.

3 Your membership is effective when payment is received. If paying by personal check, the check must clear the issuing bank before membership is granted.