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Subscribe to Wi-Fi Service at GMARS

The good news is that GMARS has an Internet connection! The bad news is that it's neither robust nor particularly fast. The Internet service is paid for by those who pay an annual fee to gain access to the wireless connection at GMARS. Everyone is able to use the PC in the main house and its hardwired Internet connection for free. But for Wi-Fi access, you must pay the annual fee and be granted access via a predesignated password. Your GMARS Wi-Fi subscription fee goes directly toward paying for the service.

Whether you pay for Wi-Fi access or not, all visitors to GMARS are expected to not tamper with any computer or network equipment. That means not disconnecting any network cable for any reason. Internet access will not be provided to user's laptops or other devices without payment for Wi-Fi access. A temporary access plan is available. See PayPal box at bottom of page.

Guidelines for Using the GMARS Wi-Fi Connection
Internet connections in remote places like GMARS have their limitations. Because of these limitations we are forced to invoke a few common-sense rules and guidelines concerning Wi-Fi usage at GMARS.

By subscribing to GMARS Wi-Fi you acknowledge that you have read and will abide by these guidelines:

  1. Tampering with any network cable, network device or GMARS computer is strictly prohibited. Any such tampering is grounds for having your Wi-Fi access revoked, access to the property revoked and/or additional consequences.

  2. The GMARS Internet connection is provided to allow light browsing of the Web, checking email, and small file downloads. It is not intended for large file downloads, media streaming, graphic-intensive online gaming, and the like. Avoid using it for these purposes at all times.

  3. DO NOT stream audio or video content from sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, and SiriusXM, to name a few. Watching or listening to streaming media drags down the network speed and negatively impacts everyone using it.

  4. TURN OFF ALL AUTOMATIC UPDATES for programs like Windows, Office, Java, Flash, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, etc. If you don't know how to turn off these automatic updates, perform a Google search or ask someone. Click here for a shortcut to a Google search on the topic. If turning off automatic updates is not possible, schedule them for the middle of the day so as not to interrupt wi-fi usage at night, when it's heaviest.

  5. PLAN AHEAD! Download everything you need to your laptop, a thumb drive or portable hard drive and update your software before heading out to GMARS. If you leave a computer at GMARS, please try to perform software updates and other large downloads at times other than star party weekends. Again, the Internet connection speed is relatively slow to start with AND you are sharing that speed with everyone else on the network. Be kind. Don't be a network hog!

  6. You acknowledge that there are no guarantees as to the speed of the Internet connection and/or the Wi-Fi signal strength or coverage area. Wi-Fi connections are best within a ~100' radius of the main house and garage.

  7. Once you have signed up and have been given the connection information, you agree that you will not share it with anyone. Anyone!

Instructions for connecting to the GMARS Wi-Fi network will be emailed to you after the RAS receives your payment.

Subscribe to the GMARS Wi-Fi Network using PayPal