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RAS Astronomy Outreach

Have Telescope. Will Travel.

Outreach event in 2013
RAS Outreach event at an elementary school.

The RAS is highly dedicated to seeking out, creating, and participating in astronomy outreach events. It's one of the core purposes of the club. Our Community Outreach volunteers enjoy setting up their telescope equipment for all to enjoy—kids, teens, adults, elderly—everyone! Regardless of age, you will feel giddy with excitement when you first look through a telescope and experience the rings of Saturn, the bands of Jupiter, spots and flares on the Sun, or a pool of diamonds that is a globular star cluster.

The Riverside Astronomical Society's charter is to bring astronomy to the general public. Our outreach events are where the rubber meets the road.

We accomplish our goal of teaching the public about astronomy by visiting public schools and other organizations and bringing our knowledgeable members and plenty of astronomical viewing equipment, aka, telescopes.

Outreach event in 2013
RAS Outreach event at a public library.

Click the "Outreach Application" link to the left to learn how you can get RAS Outreach volunteers to visit your school or other organization.