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Astronomy Links.com (astronomy and space related links from around the world)

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Astronomical Society of the Desert
La Sierra University
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Latest Information, Data, and Utilities
Current Time
Landers Weather Forecast
Clear Sky Clock for Landers
Sky Calendar
Current Moon Phase
Sky & Telescope - Almanac
Sky & Telescope - Sky at a Glance
Sky & Telescope - Top Stories

Telescope Making and Equipment
RTMC Astronomy Expo
PC Operated Telescopes
Berthold Hamburger's ATM Links
AstroMart Classifieds
Astro Equipment Reviews
Anacortes Telescope
Williams Optics
Orion Telescope & Binocular Center
Astronomy Mall
Oberwerk Binoculars

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Astro Pix Archive
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Hubble Space Telescope Archive
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Local Observatories
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Griffith Observatory
Mount Laguna Observatory
Palomar Observatory
Mount Wilson Observatory Association

Sky & Telescope Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
Willmann-Bell, Inc.

Observing Aids
Sky Maps
The NGC Catalog On-Line
The Messier Catalog
The NGC/IC Project
The Digitized Sky Survey (Search Form)
Software Bisque (The Sky)
Astrobyte Logging System (freeware)
Virtual Atlas of the Moon (freeware)
Orbital Elements for Comets (for sky charting software)
Latest SOHO Images
Heavens-Above Satellite Predictions
Stardate Online (University of Texas)

Local Astronomy Clubs
Astronomical Society of the Desert
Los Angeles Astronomical Society
Orange County Astronomers
San Diego Astronomy Association
San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers
Mountain Skies Astronomical Society
Pomona Valley Amateur Astronomers
Ventura County Astronomical Society

Organizations / Other
Astronomy Outreach Network
IAU Central Bureau
Comet Observation Home Page
The Inconstant Moon
International Dark Sky Association (IDA)
International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO)
Planetary Photojournal (NASA)
Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC)
Solar System Simulator (JPL/NASA)
Space Telescope Science Institute (STSI)
Sidewalk Astronomers

Ralph's China Blog (2009 Eclipse)
Alex, Bob, Alson's Travel Blog (2009 Eclipse)
Astro Links on CaliforniaStars.net