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RAS Regular Monthly & Board Meetings

Next Meeting: Saturday, June 30th (Regular Monthly)

RAS Monthly Meetings are held at La Sierra University in Riverside. They are open to anyone who wants to attend, free of charge. There's a "Beginner's Corner" presentation that begins 30 minutes before the general meeting. During the meeting, we'll discuss some club business, have a "What's Up?" presentation (usually given by a club member), and a guest speaker will give us a presentation of astronomical interest. In addition, we'll enjoy some light snacks and wrap up with door prizes!

RAS Board Meetings are held once per quarter. They are held the same day as the regular monthly meeting, but only every 3rd month (roughly). The Board meets to discuss club business, plan events, outline expenditures and address any issues facing the club. Club members are encouraged to attend—it's your chance to weigh in on the club's activities and how it operates!

Next Monthly Meeting Details

Simeon Bird, UCR Simeon Bird


What Is Dark Matter?

Simeon Bird, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, UC Riverside

Mr. Bird's research is generally about simulation and data driven cosmology. He is particularly interested in measuring the neutrino mass from large scale structure, obtaining cosmological parameters from the intergalactic medium, and in controlling the effects of galaxy formation on cosmology. He is also interested in the possibility that the merging black holes detected by LIGO may originate in the early universe.

Find out more here.


What's Up?!

The Galaxies of Virgo

Rick Debus


Locations & Times

Board Meetings (quarterly) & Pre-Meeting Dinners
Red Lobster Restaurant (New location as of March 2018!)
3700 Park Sierra Dr., Riverside | Map
Pre-Meeting Dinner: 3:00-5:00PM (all are welcome)
Quarterly Board Meeting: 5:00PM (all members are welcome)

General Meetings & Beginner's Corner
La Sierra University | E. E. Cossentine Hall | Map | Finding Cossentine Hall
Beginner's Corner at 6:30PM
General Meeting at 7:00PM
The public is welcome to attend—and it's free!