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Anna Ho, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley Anna Ho, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley

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The Landscape of Relativistic Stellar Explosions

By Anna Ho, UC Berkeley

The fate of a star — how it lives its life, how it dies, and the corpse it leaves behind — depends primarily on its mass. High-mass stars explode as a supernova and leave behind a neutron star or a black hole. In rare cases, a powerful relativistic jet is launched by the newly formed black hole, appearing as a gamma-ray burst (GRB). There have been thousands of GRBs discovered by satellites, but recent discoveries hint at diverse outcomes that are invisible to GRB satellites: jets that are choked inside the star, jets that are directed away from Earth, and jets that have different compositions. Anna has been searching for relativistic explosions using a network of robotic telescopes around the world and in space.

Anna Ho is a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley. For her work, she uses a network of robotic telescopes to investigate the deaths (and death omens) of stars. Before coming to California, she grew up in Singapore and London, earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics from MIT, and spent a year on a Fulbright Scholarship in Heidelberg, Germany.

The constellation Draco The constellation Draco

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The Constellation Draco

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