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RAS Regular Monthly & Board Meetings

Next Meeting: Saturday, March 7th

RAS Monthly Meetings are held at La Sierra University in Riverside. They are open to anyone who wants to attend, free of charge. There's a "Beginner's Corner" presentation that begins 30 minutes before the general meeting. During the meeting, we'll discuss some club business, have a "What's Up?" presentation (usually given by a club member), and a guest speaker will give us a presentation of astronomical interest. In addition, we'll enjoy some light snacks and wrap up with door prizes!

RAS Board Meetings are held once per quarter. They are held the same day as the regular monthly meeting, but only every 3rd month (roughly). The Board meets to discuss club business, plan events, outline expenditures and address any issues facing the club. Club members are encouraged to attend—it's your chance to weigh in on the club's activities and how it operates!

Next Monthly Meeting Details

Timothy Thompson of JPL's Science Division (retired) Timothy Thompson of JPL's Science Division (retired)

Featured Presentation

The Spitzer Space Telescope

By Timothy Thompson, JPL Science Division (retired)

Timothy Thompason worked on the recently retired Spitzer imagery for the last 6 years of his JPL career. His presentation will be different from most presentations on Spitzer, with more discussion of the hardware for the telescope & detectors, and a slightly different take on the major science results.

Tim received his B.S. (1978) & M.S. (1985) degrees in physics from California State University at Los Angeles. His graduate advisor was Roland Carpenter [1926-2008], who had started out as a psychologist and switched to astronomy. Carpenter is the one who first looked beneath the clouds of Venus, with planetary radar from Goldstone, and discovered the slow retrograde rotation of Venus (1961-1962).

The bulk of his research experience centers around planetary radio astronomy, the physics (mostly) and chemistry (some) of planetary atmospheres, as well as other areas of radio and infrared astronomy. His last major project before retiring was deconvolution analysis of images from the recently retired Spitzer Space Telescope.

As an ultra-active amateur astronomer, Tim has an unbroken record of public outreach astronomy at the Garvey Ranch Observatory in the City of Monterey Park, California, since 1975. He started there with the Monterey Park Astronomical Society (1975-1987), and then with the Los Angeles Astronomical Society (1987-now), after the MPAS disbanded in 1987. Tim was the last President of the MPAS, is the current President of the LAAS (as of 2019), and has been elected President 12 times, serving more terms than anyone else, since the LAAS was founded in 1926. He received the LAAS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, and received the G. Bruce Blair Medal from the consortium of Western Amateur Astronomers, in 2015.

What's Up?!

Monoceros, the Unicorn

By Rick Debus


Locations & Times

Board Meetings (quarterly) & Pre-Meeting Dinners
Mimi's Cafe
2230 Griffin Way, Corona | (951) 734-2073 | Map
Quarterly Board Meeting: 3:00-5:00PM (when applicable; all members are welcome)
Pre-Meeting Dinner: 5:00PM (all are welcome)

General Meetings & Beginner's Corner
La Sierra University | E. E. Cossentine Hall | Map | Finding Cossentine Hall
Beginner's Corner at 6:30PM
General Meeting at 7:00PM
The public is welcome to attend—and it's free!