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Next Meeting: Saturday, September 25th

Our monthly meetings are currently being held virtually via WebEx. To join, make sure you have the WebEx application downloaded and correctly installed on your device (or that you're able to join via a browser), and use the login info provided (it will appear below once it's available).

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Next Monthly Meeting Details

Dr. Sivian Ginzburg of UC Berkeley Dr. Sivian Ginzburg of UC Berkeley

Featured Presentation

Direct Imaging of Planet Formation

With Dr. Sivian Ginzburg

Most extrasolar planets detected so far were found indirectly by the weak influence of the planets on the light coming from their much brighter host stars. In recent years, however, improvements in adaptive optics on the world's largest ground-based telescopes have enabled us to directly image the light coming from a small subset of planets. Dr. Sivian Ginzburg of UC Berkeley will discuss how these directly-imaged planets open a new window to study planet formation. Specifically, he will discuss how we think the mass and spin of giant planets are set and how we can test this observationally.

Sivan Ginzburg is a theoretical astrophysicist. He finished his Ph.D. in 2018 in Jerusalem. Since then, he has been a postdoc in UCB's astronomy department, funded by a "51 Pegasi b" fellowship.

What's Up?!

What's Up?!

Astronomy Trivia

With Cheryl Wilcox

Cheryl will host an astronomy trivia game using Kahoot! See the September Prime Focus newsletter for details.