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Next Meeting: Saturday, October 23rd

Our monthly meetings are currently being held virtually via WebEx. To join, make sure you have the WebEx application downloaded and correctly installed on your device (or that you're able to join via a browser), and use the login info provided (it will appear below once it's available).

Stay tuned to this space approximately 3-7 days before the meeting for details on how to attend.


Next Monthly Meeting Details

Dr. Alexie Leauthaud, Professor at UC Santa Cruz Dr. Alexie Leauthaud, Professor at UC Santa Cruz

Featured Presentation

The Connection Between Galaxies and Dark Matter

With Dr. Alexie Leauthaud, Professor at UC Santa Cruz

In this talk, Dr. Leauthaud will discuss the relationship between galaxies and dark matter. In particular, she will highlight the utility of a technique called weak gravitational lensing in mapping out the distribution of dark matter around galaxies. She'll also present a new collaboration called the “Merian survey” which aims to study dark matter around dwarf galaxies using 60 nights on the Blanco telescope in Chile.

Dr. Alexie Leauthaud is a Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Leauthaud studies dark matter, dark energy, galaxies, and the formation of the large scale structure in the Universe. She is currently involved in dark energy measurements with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). She is also P.I. of the Merian survey — a new program that will use 60 nights on the Blanco Telescope to study the dark matter content of dwarf galaxies. Her work has been recognized by a number of awards. She is a 2017 Packard fellow, a 2018 Sloan fellow, and a 2018 recipient of an Early Career award from the Department of Energy.

What's Up?!

What's Up?!

Globular Clusters in Cosmology

With Carey Sublette