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Next Meeting: Saturday, July 24th

Our monthly meetings are currently being held virtually via WebEx. To join, make sure you have the WebEx application downloaded and correctly installed on your device (or that you're able to join via a browser), and use the login info provided (it will appear below once it's available).

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Board Meeting: Saturday, July 24th at 3:00-5:00PM

Next General Meeting: Saturday, July 24th at 6:45PM

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Dr. Yong Zheng, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley Dr. Yong Zheng, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley

Featured Presentation

Observing Invisible Gas in Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope

By Dr. Yong Zheng, UC Berkeley

Galaxies are not lonely islands floating in the Universe. They are surrounded by gigantic gas atmosphere that exists far beyond galaxies’ visible extent. In such gas atmosphere, a “galactic weather system” is formed where winds blow material away from the galaxies, while rains precipitate toward the galaxies. In this talk, I’ll show you what a “galactic weather system” looks like, how different it is from the Earth’s weather system, and how astronomers use the Hubble Space Telescope to study these systems in galaxies.

Dr. Zheng obtained her PhD in Astronomy from Columbia University in 2018, and she is currently a Miller Postdoc Fellow at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on studying gas atmosphere surrounding galaxies, including our own Milky Way, using all different kinds of telescopes.

The constellation Libra The constellation Libra

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The Constellation Libra

With Matthew Luchsinger