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Next Meeting: Saturday, October 7th (Regular + Board)

Next Monthly Meeting Presenters & Topics

Guest Speaker

Topic: Planetary Habitability in the Solar System and Beyond

Presenter: Stephen Kane, Professor of Planetary Astrophysics at UC Riverside

Stephen Kane, Professor of Planetary Astrophysics at UC Riverside Stephen Kane, Professor of Planetary Astrophysics at UC Riverside

Understanding planetary habitability is one of the major challenges of the current scientific era. Though traditionally viewed through the lens of our home planet and its evolutionary history, data from other Solar System objects, and a plethora of planets outside of our Solar System, are shedding new light on habitability research. In this talk, I will discuss the factors that contribute to planetary habitability, and how these pieces fit together in an inter-disciplinary pathway that will benefit both the understanding of the evolution of Earth's habitability and identifying possible abodes of life elsewhere throughout the universe.

Stephen Kane is a Professor of Planetary Astrophysics at the University of California, Riverside. His work covers a broad range of topics and he has discovered hundreds of planets orbiting other stars. He is a leading expert on the topic of planetary habitability, the habitable zone of planetary systems, and the study of why Venus and Earth underwent divergent evolutions. He has published hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers as well as several books on the topic of exoplanets and habitability. He is also a prominent scientific leader for several NASA missions designed to search for life in the universe.


What's Up?!

Topic: TBA

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RAS Monthly Meetings are held at La Sierra University in Riverside. They are open to anyone who wants to attend, free of charge. There's a "Beginner's Corner" presentation that begins 30 minutes before the general meeting. During the meeting, we'll discuss some club business, have a "What's Up?" presentation (usually given by a club member), and a guest speaker will give us a presentation of astronomical interest. In addition, we'll enjoy some light snacks and wrap up with door prizes!

RAS Board Meetings are held once per quarter. They are held the same day as the regular monthly meeting, but only every 3rd month. The Board meets to discuss club business, plan events, outline expenditures and address any issues facing the club. Club members are encouraged to attend—it's your chance to weigh in on the club's activities and how it operates!

Locations & Times

Board Meeting at 2:30 PM (when applicable)
La Sierra Library
4600 La Sierra Ave., Riverside (next to Stater Bros.) | (951) 826-2461 | Map

Pre-Meeting Dinner at 5:00 PM
Rodrigo's Mexican Grill
3848 La Sierra Ave., Riverside | (951) 687-2280 | Map

General Meetings & Beginner's Corner
La Sierra University | E. E. Cossentine Hall | Map | Finding Cossentine Hall
Beginner's Corner at 6:30PM
General Meeting at 7:00PM
The public is welcome to attend—and it's free!