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RAS Star Parties

2017 Schedule

GMARS star parties typically start Friday afternoon/evening and go through Sunday morning. They include observing/imaging on Friday night, hanging out and socializing on Saturday, the world-famous RAS Star-B-Q Saturday afternoon, another night of observing/imaging on Saturday night, and packing up, cleaning up, and departing on Sunday morning.

Of course, things work a bit differently at the RTMC Astronomy Expo, Nightfall, Mt. Laguna, and Grandview Campground star parties. You can click a link below for more information on the various star party locations.





January 27-29 GMARS  
February 24-26 GMARS  
March 24-26 GMARS Messier Marathon
April 21-23 GMARS  
May 25-29 Camp Oakes, Big Bear (and GMARS) RTMC Astronomy Expo. GMARS will also be open.
June 23-25 GMARS  
July 21-23 GMARS  
August 18-20 GMARS Many regular star party attendees may be out of town for the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse, but GMARS should be open.
September 15-17 GMARS  
October 19-22 Borrego Springs (and GMARS) Nightfall Star Party. GMARS will also be open.
November 17-19 GMARS  
December 15-17 GMARS