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The Milky Way over GMARS in 2017
The Milky Way over GMARS in 2017

Next Star Party: July 5th – 7th
Location: GMARS

GMARS Star Parties start on Friday afternoon/evening and continue till Sunday morning (sometimes till Monday morning if it's a long holiday weekend), when we clean up our mess from the weekend, break down the equipment, and head back home. On Saturday afternoon, we have our potluck Starbecue. The RAS provides the grill, the protein (typically hamburgers and/or hot dogs), condiments, plates, utensils, napkins, and the ambiance. Since it's a potluck, simply show up with a side dish, beverages, or dessert for all to share (enough to serve 4-6 is fine). Participation in the Starbecue is optional, of course.


Frequently Asked Questions About GMARS Star Parties

Do I have to be a club member or own a telescope to attend?

Absolutely, unequivocally NO! Everyone is welcome at our GMARS star parties and there is never any charge for attending or looking through a telescope. If you do have a telescope, by all means bring it! We can even show you how to use it. If you don't have one, not to worry. There will be telescopes at the star party you can look through, including the club's 22" Dobsonian telescope.

Where is GMARS located? How long will it take to get there? Will my car make it?

We can't predict anything about the road worthiness of your car but getting here is easy. All roads are paved except for the last 1.8 miles. The dirt road to the property is level and easy to drive in any car. It is typically "washboarded" so it might be a little bumpy but it shouldn't present any problem for your car (but your car WILL get a little dusty/dirty).

If you're coming from the LA/Orange County area, expect travel time to be around 2 hours — a little less if you're coming from Riverside or parts of San Bernardino County. See the driving directions page for details on how to get here.

Once on the dirt roads and on the GMARS property be sure to stay on the designated road areas. The sand is very loose off the roads and any 2-wheel drive vehicle can easily get stuck.

Do I have to participate in the Saturday potluck? Do I have to bring food to contribute?

No and no. While we encourage everyone to participate in the starbecue/potluck, it's definitely not mandatory. Feel free to bring a sidedish and/or beverage if you'd like but no one is required to. You don't even have to eat with the group if you don't want to. It's entirely voluntary and no one will judge you for not bringing a dish or not participating at all (we promise).

Can I set up a tent or bring an RV to GMARS?

Yes and yes. We have lots of space for setting up tents and parking RVs. However, the power outlets on the telescope field are NOT for use by RVs, and there is no dumping on the property. Electrical outlets are only to be used for telescopes and related astro equipment. (OK, you can charge your phone too.) Please see the GMARS Site Map for info on where to park and set up tents.

Even though you may be camping in a tent or RV, campfires are absolutely NOT allowed. Open fires of any kind are NOT permitted. For cooking, you can use the kitchen in the GMARS house or your own propane/gas stove.

What else should I know about GMARS and the star parties?

There's lots of information on this website. See the Star Party section links at upper left, and browse through the entire site using the main navigation near the top. Especially useful are the GMARS Introduction, Driving Directions, Your First Visit, and Star Party Etiquette pages.

Additional General Star Party Information

The Riverside Astronomical Society hosts monthly star parties, which are usually scheduled around weekends nearest the new moon (holidays and special events may cause that to shift now and then). They typically run from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning at the club's dark sky site, GMARS, in Landers, CA.

You do not need to be a member of the RAS or even own a telescope to attend any of our star parties. At our regular monthly star parties, there's always a telescope to look through and there's never a fee. We do ask that you familiarize yourself with GMARS before making your first visit. Having an idea of what to expect and what to do makes it a better experience for everyone involved.

In addition to star parties at GMARS, we often have RAS star parties at other locations to coincide with events or just to experience a change in scenery. Those events and locations include:

  • Mt. Laguna at Laguna Campground, Meadow Loop | More Info
  • White Mountains at the Grandview Campground | More Info
  • Menghini Winery at the Julian Starfest | More Info
  • Borrego Springs for Nightfall | More Info

Unlike our GMARS star parties, the off-site star parties (those listed above) may have certain fees or attendance restrictions associated with them. Click a "more info" link to get details.