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Next monthly meeting of the Riverside Astronomical Society

RAS Monthly Meeting

Saturday, July 20th (Regular + Board)

Be sure to join us for our next in-person monthly meeting at La Sierra University's Cossentine Hall!

See the "Map to..." and "Getting to..." links below to refresh your memory on how to get there. The pre-meeting dinner, for those who would like to attend, will be at Rodrigo's Mexican Grill at 5 PM.

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Next GMARS Star Party

July 5th – 7th

Get ready for the summer night sky! The Milky Way is well-positioned by mid-evening, so get ready to enjoy the photons from all the objects in Sagittarius, Scorpius, Ophiuchus, Cygnus, and more!

Bring a side dish to share at the Star-B-Q if you'll be participating.

🌞 🌚 🏜 ⭐ 🔭

Recharge under the night sky, and enjoy great telescopic views of planets, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and more! GMARS star parties start Friday afternoon/evening and wrap up on Sunday morning.

GMARS All-Sky Camera: Latest Image

Here's the latest view from the GMARS all-sky camera, which is mounted on the GMARS West property next to the weather station and picnic area.

RAS Calendar of Events

Ask the Outreach Director to add an event to the calendar. View larger calendar.

The scene at a GMARS Star Party. Join the Riverside Astronomical Society in Landers at our next star party! Photo by Michael Bauer.